Friday, December 2, 2011

shi's collar

For those that are interested, this is shi's collar from the maker's web page. It's  Turian style and hers carries a leash ring. It is described by the maker like this:
"This collar is hand made of solid 3/8 inch diameter Stainless Steel. The mating ends are shiplapped. This method for joining gives the collars a smooth and elegant look without unsightly gaps that could draw attention and snag on hair or pinch the skin.
It will not wobble, even when opened by it's 1/8 inch Stainless Steel hinge pin and once secured by a # 8 Stainless Steel Buttonhead Allen screw, it is as one piece."
My choice of collar for shi involved a a great deal of online searching over many days and air freighting thousands of miles. For me (and shi) the choice of collar was perhaps one of the most significant choices I  have made or am ever likely to make. It had to be right.
The collar is strong, beautiful, made with care and precision, immune from tarnishing and with its leash ring I have absolute control. It is our symbol of everything we are 24/7. What more can I say?

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