Monday, December 19, 2011

Love so many different ways to

There is so many different ways to show love and be loved. We have the love for our children, our pets, and yes even some of our possessions. There is familial love with mothers, fathers, and siblings. It is usually comforting, sometimes volatile and often leaves us with a sense of a part of who we are.
Then there is a love shared between a Master and his slave. To me, and this is my humble opinion, a truly deep kind of love that wraps around your heart and soul and makes you feel more complete than you have in your entire life. There is this deep level of trust and commitment stronger than anything i have experienced before. Not to diminish the familial love we have in our lives. But i was sitting here this morning contemplating the different types of love. It made me think....really think...
The love between a Master and slave, is one of a never ending pool that flows and ebbs with the tide of the relationship shared. I am sure many of you have felt it in your own dynamics. There is that comforting nestled feeling you get when cuddling in your partners arms, that sense of security that makes you feel all lovey dovey inside. Then there is that ever burning passion and desire that wells up so ferociously in you that all inhibitions are stripped and you cant wait to claw each other as you fuck one another senseless. The ever dominating male, taking what is his, primally laying claim to his slave, his possession, every inch of her body his to use as he sees fit. The soft, pliant slave, arching her body to take all that her Master gives her, and relishing in the mix of pain and pleasure, seeing that fire in his eyes as she gazes back at him. Knowing that all they do is for the sheer ecstasy of the other. Two bodies singing their own song as the flogger falls or their bodies mesh in that soulful union that just makes you melt into a puddle of goo. Afterwards, recovering as bodies quiver, hearts beating so fast you swear they will pop out of your chests. Taking comfort that the Master and his slave are content, satiated and as one. The after glow covering them like a comfortable blanket, encasing them together. That kind of love is so overwhelming and fulfilling! mmmmm so delish! smiles


  1. So very true. So eloquently expressed. Thank you for sharing.

    Take care. Sky

  2. Wow! Nicely written, powerfully erotic, captures many of My feelings for My squirrel, and we've never even had an in person encounter--the closest we have come is video chatting. Yet she is a bigger part of My life than anything else in it. I feel all those emotions you write about and more.

  3. Sky, your very welcome, after all that is what this blog is for to share and learn...
    To Wolf, thank you for your comment and welcome to my blog, i have in turn hit follow to follow yours. Right now my Master and i are online only right now, but come next month i will be with him finally together for the rest of our days.

  4. It's hard to keep the surrendering/submissive feelings going when real life intrudes, but it helps when Daddy reminds me, and especially when I forget and he whacks my bottom and asks me if I need a harder reminder, lol! That makes me remember right quick.