Monday, December 12, 2011

This ones' dream or perchance some day hopefully reality

The dream started with me in my little cage, my Master had placed me in it the night before and told me that is where i would sleep that night. He secured me with rope, tightly bound to restrict movement but not so tight that it would cut off any circulation, this one was hooded, her ears padded with stuffing to prevent hearing, hooded with the eyes covered, laying on her side, barely able to move. My legs bound together and curled up sort of in the fetal position, my arms and hands bound to the legs with very little movement. The mouth piece was left open in the event i needed to call out in the middle of the night, but i knew i would not. Before he went off to bed himself, he spoke words of comfort, telling me how he liked the way i looked, featureless, but naked in his ropes. To me though the words were barely intelligible since my hearing was muted. I felt the brush of his hands across my body giving me comfort, i remember shivering happily at his touch. Then the withdrawal of his touch and the soft feel of the air moving as he covered the cage in a blanket to help keep me warm..The little cage was next to his bed and i could feel the vibration of the bed frame hitting it slightly as he climbed into bed. I whispered 'goodnight my Master'. The feelings i felt as i laid there and thought of things before i drifted off to sleep were of sheer contentment, confinement and knowing in my heart of hearts i was His so completely. A sense of peace settled over me, i could feel the warmth envelope me as i began to drift off. I remember in my dream, how much love i felt for Him. Needless to say i woke up this morning, wanting and needing him so desperately. And i hope when he reads this it will make him smile, because i know in the future there will be times, that his little beast will end up in her cage, just as in her dream. And what he does to her once he releases her from it will be his will and desire, and i will willingly comply.

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